About Mike Sivier

I have been a newspaper reporter for the best part of 20 years now. I switched to freelance work in 2007 in order to become a carer for my girlfriend (who is disabled). I’m interested in politics, with an emphasis on people rather than the movement of money – although I appreciate that knowledge of financial matters does help.

I’m also a musician, and have been playing in bands since 2006. I’m currently in a ska group called the Dodgie Jammers, and before that I was in Oneyeopen which was more your good old-fashioned blues-based rock ‘n roll.

Oh yeah, and about 12 years ago, with a few friends, I created Violent! the enfant terrible of the small-press comics world, for which I write Hard-Boiled Hitler. As you can probably imagine from the title, the strip is extremely anti- its subject matter, but in what I hope is a very funny way. Hopefully there will be a graphic novel collection later in 2012 but we’ll have to see.

On Twitter, I am MidWalesMike

On Facebook I have a page, ‘Mike Sivier’.

Other sites I recommend:

Oliver Cox’s Blog – Oli is a colleague of mine from Mid Wales.

39 thoughts on “About Mike Sivier”

  1. Hi Mike. I’m in Cardiff and seeking out like minded people for doing something here on the week of action starting on the 8th of December – do you know anyone in the Cardiff area who’d also be interested?

  2. Mike, I’m not on Facebook or Twitter and have some files from an ATOS recruitment agent you might be interested in. If you’d like to see them email me on sparaszczukster@gmail.com

  3. I’m not sure if you read my recent reply on one of your articles but I think it’s real important that you know; I’ve recently spoken to Atos because they’ve arranged an assessment for me & I questioned their claim that the DWP wanted me to attend a medical assessment. I said the Government say it’s a Work Capability Assessment and I was told by two different people at Atos that it’s both a WCA and a medical. So there you have it from the horses mouth and I will certainly be asking the person who is to assess me for my ME and life threatening other conditions just what qualifications they have.

  4. This is to let you know that I’ve given you two awards: Very Inspiring Blogger & One Lovely Blog. Enjoy! http://ow.ly/lH3oe

    • Thank you very much, that’s most kind!
      I see the rules of acceptance mean I must write an article naming 15 blogs that inspire me – this is sort of like a chain letter but without the foretelling of dire calamities, isn’t it? Okay… I’ll have a go soon.

  5. That’s about the size of it. It is a good way to promote one’s blog but don’t worry about the time it takes to get round to it. It’s taken me since February to start catching up. Life and times does get in the way so! Incidentally, I really do enjoy (if that’s the right word for the horrors being inflicted upon us that you write about) reading your posts, even if I don’t always manage to comment. Keep up the excellent work.

  6. Hi Mike,

    I recently signed up to your blog simply because you are publishing a side of politics that we don’t get to see in the mainstream media. All it seems to be is politicians spreading their lies and propaganda which the press seems to swallow without any questioning.

    I am soon to launch a new digital newspaper that I hope will redress and rebalance all the lies, propaganda, and bullshit the mainstream media mistake for news. The purpose of this comment is to request permission to publish the articles from the Vox Political blog on to The Rock and Roll Times.

    I am more than happy to send you a press release that states what The Rock and Roll Times is all about; its subject matters, and timeline for publication, along with answering any questions you may have.

    A big part of this new digital newspaper is to really combat the deceit this current government is guilty of with facts, truth and good old-fashioned honesty. This seems to be a growing section of society who are increasingly becoming more and more pissed off. There is also a lot of excellent blogs where good people are wanting to get their voices heard. My aim and goal is to create a platform where we can spread those voices, their views, and truth to a wider audience.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


  7. I too have launched a new blog that I hope redresses and rebalances all the lies, propaganda, and bullsh*t the mainstream media mistake for news. The purpose of this comment is to request permission to publish the articles from the Vox Political blog on to GuerrillaDemocracy.com

    • You’re welcome to reblog Vox Political articles; that is, to publish a ‘taster’ of the article – the first hundred words or thereabouts – plus a comment from yourself and a link to the VP website. That way you get hits for the reblog and I get the hits I deserve for having written the article.

  8. Robert Fillies said:

    Been reading vox for a few months now,it’s good to read articles of political news without the right wing spin of most of our newspapers(Daily Mirror excepted).I also like the compassionate view you take on those who are the less well off(rapidly becoming an underclass) a deliberate intention to create such a class by Cameron,Osborne and Duncan-Smith our currently unelected Government.
    Many thanks
    Robert Fillies.

  9. Lisa Reardon said:

    Mike – my MP – Annette Brooke (LibDem) – has replied to a recent letter I wrote to her about my concerns about the “Mandatory requirement to request consideration of revision before appeal” regarding WCA’s. She wrote to Mike Penning, got a reply and copied it to me which, of course, was only generic. He ended by writing;
    “I recognise there is a concern that former ESA claimants will be either turned away from claiming, be automatically disallowed because they will simply feel unable to sign anything which suggests they are able to look for work, or be entitled but become a soft target for sanctions. With careful handling by advisors, and this will be done, none of these outcomes need occur. I am confident that the new process will achieve its goals, and enable disputes to be resolved sooner.”

    I believe every word of course!
    Anyway – my MP has given me the opportunity to feed her a list of questions to be put towards Mike Penning as part of her meeting with him in the New Year. Are there any specific ones you’d like me to include that you may have yourself?

  10. Joseph Smith said:

    Mike, I support and agree with the contents of your blog. The bunch of Fascists thinly disguised as a coalition goverment must hate you and all of your contributors. Keep it up we need the info, as much as we need rid of these wealthy schoolboys who tricked their way in to power in 2010 as much as we need rid of that murdering pig Ian Duncan Smith. Good luck for the new year
    Rgds Joe, (Joseph Smith)

  11. thejapanfan said:

    Thank you so very much for all the work you do. The information you share with us is literally priceless

  12. Hi Mike You are not the Mike Silver who used to tour the folk scene a few years ago and had that semi hit that I first heard on Radio 2

  13. stupid me. Good blog anyway

  14. Been trying to get info on google about latest DWP official errors statistics but search keeps coming up with dangerous site and security advises not to enter the site – very strange as recently read in a small paper article it was in the billions can anyone else enlighten me or find info on this matter?

  15. Transparency eh? I have also met with very suspicious problems online getting to sites that obviously would reveal too much. Got to keep trying though.

  16. #AceNewsServices says really nice posts Mike and admire you looking after a disabled loved one.

    I live in the UK and my name is Ian, l was in insurance, finance [Debt Related] getting people out of it, but not borrowing more, for 30 years of my life.

    Went into healthcare industry for 10 years, left due to not being able to stand the system and set up working in community providing contracts for people who had debts to pay, any job using their skills.

    Had to give up this when mother became ill and for last 5 years have worked in the community helping people in need with debts, healthcare, property disputes and anything whereby they need an advocate.

    Also started Ace News Group with a now news desk and provide stories that need a little work and finding the real truth, behind the story.

    Take Care and Kindest regards,


  17. Stephen Bee said:

    Hi Mike, Fllow your blog everyday and with regard to your ongoing fight with DWP and their claim that your and other claims were ‘vexatious’ I came across this tonight…and draw your attention to part about defending a ‘right’ to bring a vexatious claim,,,thought it might interest you…Best Wishes to yourself and your good lady..x

  18. Contact the Meritocrats – http://www.meritocraticparty.org.uk.

  19. Hi Mike,
    Following your contribution on the WordPress forum about the recent problems, I have written to the CEO’s Office at TalkTalk asking them to look into the way TT blocks sites after an alert about inappropriate material. I’ll let you know when/if I receive a response! Best wishes, Martin.

  20. i have evidcne for you, DWP can you give me an email address i can atch documents to?

    • I’d like to know a little more about it before I go giving out email addresses. How about you send a personal message with your information included, to the Vox Political Facebook page?

  21. Mr.Angry said:

    Mike I am not on twitter or face book, however found a piece on IDS, he made a visit to a care centre in the Wirral, Merseyside Esters territory yesterday 28.04.15.

    You can download today’s wirral globe to have a read about IDS’s visit, will make you hair curl, thought it would be a good article to get your teeth into.

  22. Mathula Lusinga said:

    Hi Mike – Thanks for your nice work. Do we know what Happened to Michael Meacher’s motion calling for an inquiry into poverty which was won and only opposed by two last year in January – was the inquiry commissioned?

  23. Joy Lakin said:

    Just before the election I sent the following e mail to Alistair Burt MP, to date he hasn’t replied. I copied it to Polly Toynbee ,Alison Pearson & Womans Hour but no response. Is there any way in which you could help bring this subject to the fore?


    “Dear Mr Burt,

    As President of Carers in Bedfordshire you are no doubt aware that thousands of carers are currently expected to live on less than the minimum wage. I, for example, work the required 35 hours per week caring for my daughter for which I receive £61.35 per week Carers Allowance and I work 12 hours per week for Central Beds Council which pays me £95.77 per week; carers are not allowed to earn more than £100 per week. I therefore work 47 hours per week for £157.12 which equates to £3.34 per hour. Others, whose caring duties do not allow them to work survive on a mere £3.05 per hour.

    The ‘dementia epidemic’ and other age related diseases means that thousands more people will find themselves in this situation. The present arrangements do not encourage family members to take on the job of caring nor do they encourage them to go to work. I don’t know how long I can afford to continue caring for my daughter, I may be forced to return to full time work and leave the care of my daughter to Social Services.

    Should the next government be Conservative I would like to know what you will do to improve the living standards of carers like me who save the NHS and Social Services tens of thousands of pounds a year.

    I look forward to your reply.”

  24. Mike – Being a long time fan of yours, I am concerned that I’m having trouble getting your email notifications for Vox Political which I used to follow daily.

    I have checked all blocked addresses and spam filter on my email account but can find nothing – (I have no email blocks at all).

    I have tried to re-sign up a couple of times at Vox Political.

    I would be grateful if you would you do me a favour and check to see if I’m being sent your emails. re: john_ingleson@yahoo.co.uk


  25. dodgydosser said:

    Hi Mike. I love your blog and was up until recently receiving your posts via email. I do get you on facebook, but when I go into WordPress to manage the people I follow, it won’t let me subscribe to you. The tab that asks if I want emails from you will not slide to on. Well it does slide to on, but then goes off again immediately afterwards. I’m wondering if wordpress has put some kind of stop on you. Anyway if it’s possible to get the emails back I’d be delighted.

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