200408 sun

Sunny day: these people appear to be practising social distancing but they’re among a select few.

“When’s Greggs going to be back open?” stepdaughter just asked.

She is missing the comforts of the savoury food counters.

But apparently the chain is doing its best: it has posted the recipe for its sausage, bean and cheese melt online!

Mrs Mike was no help; she thought Greggs was open yesterday because people were standing two metres apart, all the way up the street from the shop. In fact they were queuing for the chemist.

It’s a beautiful day and from the internet chatter we appear to be among the few people who are actually following the government’s orders and self-isolating.

I’ll give you an example from one of the chats I’ve got ongoing at the moment:

“FFS! R— went to the garage to get milk and he said there’s loads of cars and loads of people!

“We just want to go get it [shopping] done and come home. If you don’t hear from me later it’s because I’ve been arrested for making someone aware of what personal space is.

“Best drink my coffee.”

“Save the coffee, put it in a Thermos and take it in case you need to throw it on someone.”

I wouldn’t blame them if they did.

I mean, what is wrong with these people?

The coronavirus doesn’t take a holiday just because it’s sunny!