I’ve been doing – on and off – a run through of a book I received a couple of birthdays ago called 1,0001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die.

It occurs to me that some people might enjoy seeing my off-the-cuff reviews of these (alleged) classics, and watching the videos (where there are any) might pass the time.

So here’s the first one, re-published verbatim (from July 2018):

A very good friend gave me a book for my birthday entitled ‘1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die’.

I just listened to the first one: O Sole Mio by Enrico Caruso (1916). Ha ha.

In the verses, he warbles as though someone someone has grabbed his larynx and is trying to rip it from his throat.

In the chorus, he sounds like a goose farting through a loudspeaker.

Very entertaining but for all the wrong reasons.

(Still, if I sound as good in 104 years I’ll have beaten the odds…)