The Israel/Palestine question seems determined to be asked on Vox Political so I might as well give in and get on with it. Here’s a good article to reblog as a starting-point.


This tweet by Lib Dem MP caused a bit of controversy last night and today. The Israeli Ambassador to the UK wrote to Nick Clegg imploring him to “take forceful and immediate action to make clear beyond any doubt that views such as those of Mr Ward have no place in your party.” Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps said “No MP should tweet what’s essentially incitement to violence” and Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi has now (unbelievably) reported the tweet to the police, asking them to investigate Ward for “the offence of encouragement of terrorism”. Hopefully Zahawi will be getting a visit from the police himself soon for the offence of wasting police time.

So what are David Ward’s views? Before the now infamous tweet was published…

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