I’m not optimistic enough to see a single council seat loss as ‘freefall’, but then I note Tom has categorised this article as ‘Hopeless Naivete’. Let’s hope it’s the pebble that starts an avalanche against the Euro-septics.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

A council seat on Redditch Borough Council – which UKIP won by a landslide only in May – has fallen in a by-election to Labour:

redditch 1

Compare this with the results from the same ward just over 2 months ago*:

redditch 2

That’s a swing of +11.7% to Labour and -10.5% from UKIP.

Looks like UKIP support is in freefall.

And – contrary to popular belief – it’s Labour not the Tories who are picking up the voters.


*The reason for the by-election was the resignation of the newly-elected UKIP councillor Dave Small after he made racist and homophobic remarks on Facebook. Proof that being openly intolerant and prejudiced is not the vote-winner most of the right-wing press seem to think it is?

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