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DWP Dumps Jobpoints: Too Tight-Fisted to Upgrade.

Over the last few months people commenting here have kept mentioning how Jobpoints are being removed from Jobcentres.

The mystery is now solved.

Obi  Wan Kenobi (Guest Post) explains.

Jobpoint systems in Jobcentres being removed:

It’s not that they didn’t want to keep the Jobpoints there, it’s because the DWP are too tight to upgrade the Jobpoints system they were running on.

You see most of the Jobpoints were running on Windows 2000 or Windows XP throughout the entire UK, I have witnessed the start-up routines of these machines and it’s confirmed.

As most of us now know, Microsoft are no longer issuing updates for Windows XP – never mind Windows 2000, for a Jobpoint to work correctly it has to be internet enabled, (and for that the Windows Program has to have all the current security updates installed), because the…

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