I don’t agree that Labour don’t deserve people’s vote, but I do agree that any focus on cutting the deficit that is likely to impact on the poorest will be wrong. We have seen over the last four years that cutting the amount of money going through the economy can only increase poverty and misery, and the only way out is targeted investment. This is what Labour should be promoting.


From The Guardian:

“In a speech intended to address Tory claims that Labour cannot be trusted with the economy, the Labour leader will stress that balancing the books will be a key element of the party’s plans for the five years after 2015.”

The article goes on to quote extracts of Miliband’s speech which contains this passage:

“You and I know we won’t have the money. For all of the cuts, for all of the pain under this government, Britain still has a deficit to deal with and a debt to pay down. That’s why our programme starts with a binding commitment to balancing the books in the next government.”

You might ‘know’ that Ed, but I and an increasing number of people know that is bullshit. There is always as much money as is needed. That’s not to say Labour should go mad, but the money will never run out…

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