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You know how we all know the media lies and excludes anything important, and that it’s under authoritarian Tory control, right? That Iain Duncan Smith “monitors” the BBC for “left wing bias”, that the Guardian’s occasional forays into truth are stifled by jackbooted officials marching in and smashing hard drives. So do you really imagine that such a government spokes-media will do any justice to reporting about the positive intentions and actions of its opposition? Not one bit.
Yet I see people commenting with bitter politico-gossip gusto with the cherry-picked, distorted media spun sound-bites, as if the media is somehow suddenly credible when it talks about the opposition, and when we actually read what was said and proposed at the un-spun source, it bears no resemblance at all to the media tales of the unexpected.
If we trouble ourselves to investigate these things, the rubbish being published and broadcast via the…

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