The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Yes, Iain Duncan Smith keeps his job.  The BBC seems not to have noticed this. 

So why is he still there?  Political Scrapbook has two theories:

one is that they didn’t want to justify the supposed leak of his demotion by a Spad on a train;

and the other is that anyone else taking on the job would have to admit to the grave problems with UC, so best leave it alone.

 I have another theory – that he stays put because he’s doing what Cameron wants him to do.  Michael Gove went, to great rejoicing in every school staffroom in the country; teachers vote, and some might vote Tory.

IDS would have gone to exultation among the poorest – who never vote Tory.

Esther McVey keeps her job too (and a seat in the cabinet, which is meaningless) but Mike Penning has gone.  He had shown far too…

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