It’s well-known that ‘Boy’ George Osborne and RTU Smith don’t get along. This article goes a long way towards explaining why even RTU’s departure won’t be fantastically good news for people stuck in the purgatory of a Tory benefit system.

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The pair are divided over where future welfare cuts should be made and Universal Credit.
Iain Duncan Smith arrives in Downing Street on September 5, 2012. Photograph: Getty Images.

Is Iain Duncan Smith set to resign his post in next Monday’s reshuffle? Westminster has been abuzz with speculation all day after a commuter wrote on Facebook that she overheard a “20 something brunette, with a very posh voice” remark on a train to London that “someone called Ian [sic] is leaving the DWP (apparently he wants to go and has agreed to go).” Rumour links Duncan Smith with a move to Defence as part of what the BBC’s James Lansdale reports will be a “far wider reshuffle” than initially thought. 

It’s worth recalling that the Work and Pensions Secretary previously turned down the offer of Justice in the 2012 reshuffle in order to “see through” the reforms he had started (albeit with little success since). One person who pushed for…

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