Don’t celebrate too soon, David!
I think it is vital to keep up the pressure because the politicians involved in this matter will do everything in their considerable power to stifle this inquiry and stymie those involved in it. Wherever any report or response to questioning seems vague or dismissive, someone needs to be asking questions and demanding exact answers.
This is a time for vigilance.

Westminster Confidential

No one would have thought a week ago that Theresa May, the home secretary, would have announced today an overarching inquiry into child sexual abuse.

The odds were stacked against it for the last two years as David Cameron kept insisting that police investigations had to go first before there could be any inquiry.

Today it all changed. and it was discovered that it was perfectly possible to have both an all embracing independent inquiry and complete the current police investigations at the same time.

The reason why this changed is a combination of persistent journalism, determined abuse victims and their campaigners and a group of very, very determined MPs who put  pressure on the Prime Minister and the Home secretary to act.

The biggest victors today are the child abuse victims – whose stories have been ignored, their suffering played down, and their search for justice thwarted for decades.

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