I have to admit I’m a little concerned about this as Vox Political House has needed some repairs for a considerable time and Mrs Mike and myself have been vocal in our demands, yet still the landlord has done nothing. Is this their next step?

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Message from Sarah Teather  mp
    Protecting tenants from revenge eviction

I regularly see people in my Willesden Green office who need help with their housing situation – whether it is because they are homeless, struggling to pay their rent, or because they need a repair carried out to their property. One particular problem that affects private tenants is what’s known as retaliatory eviction.

Shockingly, some landlords evict tenants if they ask for repair work to be carried out to their home. Housing charity Shelter say that just over 213,000 people across England have been evicted or served with an eviction notice in the last year after complaining to their landlord about a problem that wasn’t
their responsibility.
The threat of this happening means tenants are often scared to contact their landlord, even if it means living in unsafe or unsanitary conditions. It’s easy to see why tenants can…

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