The shift in Theresa May’s position is encouraging, although I am concerned that she may be merely trying to stop the number of MPs calling for an inquiry from increasing further. For this reason, I hope that efforts to recruit more MPs continue. Chris Grayling is as David Hencke describes him here, only slightly worse. As he is a disciple of Iain Duncan Smith, it is a waste of time trying to have a reasonable conversation with him.

Westminster Confidential

Theresa May has finally officially replied to a request from now 138 MPs for a Hillsborough style overarching inquiry into historic child sex abuse.

In a more emollient letter to the original seven MPs  who called for the inquiry she is indicating that she will give serious consideration to an inquiry – but not until all the current police investigations are completed.

The full story and texts of the letters between Theresa May and Zac Goldsmith are on the Exarowebsite today.

Zac Goldsmith has responded by writing a letter to the home secretary.

“The next step is for us to meet you, along with other interested members of Parliament, to discuss the issue more fully.

“It would make sense for this meeting to happen sooner rather than later, and we would therefore appreciate it if you could let us have a date as soon as possible.”

It is also…

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