“Doesn’t that say it all for your governments attitude to ordinary people! Repayments of what people were entitled to in the first place as ‘an undeserved windfall’? Feel the contemptuous, sneering, hate in that!”
It’s a criminal government; their good is our bad – because we believe in the rule of law, justice, honesty and decency and all these things are alien to a member of the Conservative-led Coalition government.

Social Action 2014


A letter a day to number 10. No 789.

Saturday 05 July 2014. The government contempt for ordinary people.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

The High Courts ruling that the retrospective legislation in the Cait Reilly Poundland case was unlawful is very welcome. Naturally the DWP will seek to appeal even though it was they who rushed through retrospective illegal legislation without consultation or scrutiny.

Part of the DWP’s defence was that repayments to benefits claimants would be “an undeserved…

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