This is why court rulings like today’s workfare case against Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP are so important – this is a criminal regime claiming to act in your name while arranging the deaths of tens of thousands of people just like you.

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Terrible story: Graham with wife Yvonne

A widow was horrified when a letter arrived for her late husband saying he had won his appeal against his sickness benefits being axed.

Graham Shawcross, 63, had potentially fatal Addison’s disease, but was ruled fit to work last November and had his £400-a-month incapacity benefit halted. (you can read more about Addisons disease here

He died of a heart attack in February this year.

Yvonne, his wife of 23 years, claims the stress of losing his benefits, and of launching an appeal against the decision, caused his death.

She told Department of Work and Pensions bosses Graham had died, but they still invited him to attend an appeal hearing – and wrote again a few days later to say he was eligible for Employment and Support Allowance for at least the next 24 months.

Yvonne of Radcliffe, Manchester…

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