I find it particularly amusing that a party whose 2010 general election campaign was almost entirely funded by one man (Lord Non-Dom, I think his name was) is now warning that the opposing party is to receive a large amount of funding from one man.


Some time back I managed to get myself on the Tory Party spam list. I keep meaning to unsubscribe, but I also want to know what bullshit they’ll come out with next. Today’s message from Tory Chairman Grant Shapps was a particular gem. I knew it would be good when I saw the email subject – “This is serious”. That could only mean one thing – Len McCluskey. Shapps (or the Shappsbot random waffle generator that pumps this stuff out) goes on:

“This is serious.

The country’s biggest union leader – Len McCluskey – has this week promised to give Labour millions and millions of pounds of union money.

He’ll pay for their posters, their call centres, their leaflets – their campaign to get Ed Miliband into No. 10.

And if he gets his way, Britain will have a Labour government set on more spending, more borrowing and more taxes – putting…

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