It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the House of Commons Library is now being censored by the Tory propaganda police. I hope Labour will do something about this.


Earier I reblogged a post from the House of Commons Library which fact-checked David Cameron’s claims that waiting times at A&E have fallen. It found those claims wanting. About half an hour later, the post was removed and replaced with this message:

“The blog post “Have A&E waiting times fallen?” has been removed by the House of Commons Library as it does not meet our expected standards of impartiality. A revised post will be uploaded as soon as possible.”

It seems probable that this has been done following howls of protest from the Conservative Party. It seems as though stating facts isn’t impartial if those facts are at odds with something the PM says.

Luckily, I was able to find a cached version here. Here’s the original text:

Have A&E waiting times fallen?

Yesterday at PMQs the Prime Minister stated:

When [Labour was in Government], the average waiting…

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