Yes this is more fun at the expense of UKIP.
No, I have no problem with that.


I will freely admit that this blog is written by horrors of horrors an old fashioned feminist. That sentence alone will a cause any UKIP men on twitter to immediately go into overdrive on the sandal, lesbian, ugly, unmarried shrill comments. So this blog is in praise of the some of the greatest hits of the UKIP twitter male.

Number One – Marty Caine – UKIP organiser from Poole Dorset

Type the words Marty Caine Blocked into twitter search and you get pages of tweets where either Marty is blocking someone or someone is gleefully announcing they have been blocked by Marty.


Marty has a long and noble history of making excuses for the EDL

which culminated in him accusing Lee Rigby’s parents of being idiots, he then threatened to sue anyone who accused him of this.
Marty also dislikes teachers and believes that those who work in…

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