I suggested yesterday that a Prime Minister in a precarious position might find it handy to have someone who knows how to hack a phone on his payroll. Smiling Carcass agrees.
Do you?


In British criminal law, one is deemed innocent until proven guilty; in British criminal law one can only be found guilty if there is irrefutable evidence proving one’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

However, Parliament is not a court of law and the wider public tend to decide issues of guilt on a balance of probabilities.

So, did Cameron know or suspect Coulson had acted illegally with regard to ‘phone hacking as editor of News of the World?

I have no irrefutable evidence to that effect and cannot prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. However, I am not constrained by the niceties of the law and on a balance of probabilities, I believe yes he knew and may well have employed Coulson as his director of communications because he knew this and thought it might be an advantageous skill for a person in that position.

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