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Exposing UKIP

As I type, it’s been six hours since the official UKIP facebook page posted this picture.


It refers to recent comments made by Chuka Umunna, mostly about online skills in Britain as a whole, with one throwaway comment at the end about how some of the people who feel alienated in a technologically advanced world may have voted for UKIP.  Within the last few hours, the post has caused a facebook storm.  Most posts by the official UKIP page get a few hundred comments, this one got over 2,000.  A lot of them were angry, as you might imagine.  Alarmingly though, a considerable proportion of these comments had echoes of racism (along the lines of ‘He is not British’/’He should go back to where he came from’/’Chuka Umunna what a British-sounding name’).

But the worse comments were truly heinous and referred to the colour of Chuka Umunna’s skin.  They would…

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