Let’s hope Labour ditches this useless plan altogether and goes for something more user-friendly.



Labour planning to impale DWP’s Universal Credit and PIPs changes?



With each new revelation in the Universal Credit project saga the Labour party has been shifting itself away from support for the project.

This morning Rachel Reeves MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) finally came clean and said:

“If we win the next election we will pause the build of the system for three months, calling in the National Audit Office to do a warts-and-all report on it.”

A couple of months ago I heard that DWP’s IT boss, Andy Nelson, had resigned after just one year on the job. This was just in advance of the Public Accounts Committee hearing on the botched introduction of the PIP scheme, which was to replace Disability Living Allowances later this year.

The silence from the opposition front benches on the failing implementation of the Universal Credit and PIPs projects has…

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