Now why on earth would ANDREW LANSLEY want to prevent the government from debating whether to have an inquiry into allegations of historical child sex abuse?
Why would he want to block that?
I mean, if there was nothing at all wrong, an inquiry would find that, wouldn’t it? It would sort everything out once and for all.
And if there WAS something wrong – he’d want the culprits caught, wouldn’t he?
It seems hard to understand why a prominent member of the government, with nothing to hide, would want to block such a move.

Westminster Confidential

Andrew Lansley: No debate on child sex abuse now

The professional organisation for social workers, the British Association of Social workers, has asked its 15000 members to lobby MPs to press  for a national overarching inquiry into historic child sexual abuse

It comes as the number of MPs  backing the call  launched by seven MPs including former children’s minister, Tim Loughton and Zac Goldsmith has now jumped to 88.

The full story by my colleagues Mark Conrad and Alex Varley-Winter is published on the Exaro website today.

David Niven,former chairman of the BASW who runs a child protection consultancy, told Exaro that a national inquiry was “long overdue”.

“A national inquiry is much needed, and it is about time it happened. We have campaigned for decades for an inquiry that would be comprehensive, which would ‘clear the air’, reassure the public and co-ordinate the way forward for child protection.”


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