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[Image: Evening Standard.]

[Image: Evening Standard.]

Here’s an extract from Louise Pennington’s blog on Conservative major player Michael Fabricant’s threat to punch Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the throat.

I discovered this story on Facebook, where an Evening Standard piece described Fabricant as a “maverick”. My response – “Is that how we’re describing people who threaten violence to women these days?” – should make my position clear.

Here’s Ms Pennington:

“Michael Fabricant is just another violent man who knows perfectly well that threatening a woman with physical violence won’t result in any punishment to him since violence against women is “just a joke”. And, we won’t hold him accountable for such an abusive statement because, hey, he “apologised”.

“Let’s be very clear here: Fabricant didn’t just say something silly or ‘off the cuff’. He made a very clear threat which doesn’t need to be followed with actual physical violence. Fabricant knows perfectly well that he doesn’t need to actually intend to carry through the threat; he knows that he can count on several millennia of male violence against women that has silenced women for the threat to be real. This way Fabricant can ‘pretend’ it’s a joke and not something he’d actually do.”

She goes on to suggest that men say things like this because “they actually believe that violence against women isn’t a real crime”  and adds that those of us who take a different view will be “calling out Fabricant right now. They wouldn’t just be asking for an apology. They would be demanding he be suspended from his party pending a formal review and Fabricant undertaking mandatory training on violence against women via either a national or local specialist service such as Women’s Aid or Ending Victimisation and Abuse.”

She say a few other things in her article, so please visit her site and enjoy it there.

Then come back and let us have your opinion. I’d really like to see what you think.

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