When you’ve read this article you’ll know why I can’t be expected NOT to reblog it.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Who is Olivier De Schutter, I hear you ask.

I didn’t know who he was either until I did a bit of research after reading a post by Mike Sivier over on the Vox Political blog


It made me feel sick … to read that a mentally ill man was reduced to eating a paste of flour and water.

I’ll say that again EATING A PASTE OF FLOUR AND WATER!!!!!

All this is due to mandatory reconsideration by the DWP. Basically; DWP say you are fit for work (and it IS the DWP that make that decision not ATOS or anyone else) you appeal that decision and DWP carry out a mandatory reconsideration (your case is looked at by yet another unqualified DWP employee, allegedly unconnected with your original claim)….there’s no time limit on this review by the way. They can take as long as they like to carry it…

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