“Ask him about the Red cross being in the country, ask him about the disabled…the suicides…the people who have taken their own lives..been shamed..the workfare programme…forced into slave labour death camps for corporations profiting from free labour..dodgy statistics, lies, child poverty..BBC…he’s there with his smug face.never asked him one question .you the architect of claim for your underpants …house with one and half million pound…subsidies…bailiffs..bedroom tax…million pound you enjoy hurting people. It isn’t about envy..the central core of ideological austerity…cuts to people’s lifelines, to vulnerable people, unemployed, sanctioning, foodbanks treatment of disabled the suicides. This define this government..housing bubble,this isn’t a recovery it’s a robbery.. £ billions pounds going to private corporations..never asked him one question..BBC propaganda protectionist machine..shield, gate keepers…

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