This is pleasant to read: Labour will involve disabled people in improving services for them.
In that case, there’ll be no need for the involvement of criminal US insurance companies, the name of which (*n*m) we apparently should not dare to mention!

Politics and Insights

Author: Jon Cruddas
The launch of ‘Beyond Barriers by the Spartacus Network shines a light on the way this Tory-led government has let down disabled people and those living with long-term ill health.
But just as importantly the Spartacus Network’s research – conducted by a group of disabled and chronically ill people across the country – provides an inspiring example of the changes Ed Miliband and I want to make: involving citizens in the running of their services so that nothing about them is done without them.
The coalition’s austerity programme hasn’t take into account of the needs of disabled people. The statistics speak for themselves; an overwhelming two thirds of those affected by the Bedroom Tax are disabled. This means that the government has failed to get the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) changes right. They seem to think that a system can’t…

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