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An email to Tory MPs Charlie Elphicke, Priti Patel and Conor Burns, copy sent to Charities Commission.
The email has evidence hyperlinked throughout in a bid to spare me the standardised Tory bullshit avalanche in response:
Dear Charlie Elphicke, Priti Patel and Conor Burns,
I write to complain about your authoritarian and oppressive treatment of the charity Oxfam.  First of all, it is impossible to discuss poverty without reference to its root cause, and that invariably involves reference to government policies. I am particularly disgusted by th eway you have diverted attention away from the real issue raised – the rise off cases of absolute poverty .
Oxfam are not alone in their concern about the rise of absolute poverty. Medical experts recently wrote an open letter to David Cameron condemning the rise in food poverty under this government, stating that families “are not earning enough money to meet their most…

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