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Yesterday I reblogged a piece from David Hencke’s page reporting a parliamentary investigation into how much the security services – MI5 – knew about the killers of Lee Rigby. They were already under observation by the agency after they returned from attempting to contact al-Shabbab in Africa, and had been approached to become informers. As I remarked in my comment when I reblogged this piece, the parapolitical magazine, Lobster, has been highly critical of Britain’s and indeed the West’s secret state states because of the lack of proper government supervision and democratic accountability. MI5 was involved in the promotion of the smears that Harold Wilson was a KGB spy, and there is much evidence of the collusion between the British secret state and loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland, quite apart from the murder of Hilda Murrell. Lobster 68, now online, has the text of a speech, ‘Secrecy in Britain’…

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