While this article concentrates on what limits the intelligence services should have, it should also be noted that right-wing ‘patriotic’ groups have tried to turn Drummer Rigby into a talisman for their anti-Islamic attitudes, and I am concerned that any report should not be used to fuel such views.

Westminster Confidential

Lee Rigby; Pic courtesy of AP Press Lee Rigby;
Pic courtesy of AP Press

Britain’s only body that holds MI5 and MI6 to account is soon to produce a report on one of the most savage terrorist killings in this country – the hacking to death on the streets of Woolwich in south London of drummer Lee Rigby.

I am told that the security services have had to hand over highly sensitive material to Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee about the security services knowledge of his killers as changes in the law last year stopped our spies duping the committee by pretending they don’t have it. This duplicity came to light after the inquiry by Sir Peter Gibson  Dame Janet Paraskeva and Peter Riddell, a very through journalist, discovered information on the treatment of detainees  who are alleged to have been tortured abroad which had been withheld from MPs on the committee.

His report is here .

The committee has had…

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