The Beast’s follow-up to my D-Day article goes into further detail than I could to prove that our victory in World War II and the creation of the NHS and the welfare state are inextricably linked together. We Won The War To Have These Things. And for 30 years afterwards, it was an instinctive part of Being British.
It is only since the Thatcherite revisionists turned up to bastardise history in the 1970s and onwards that people have been told to think differently.
How about we change that back again?

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NHS D-Day pic

Earlier today I reblogged Mike’s article attacking the censorship of one of the posters to the Labour Forum. This person, agewait, had had their posts repeatedly removed from the Forum and been told that they were ‘very offensive’. They had created the image reproduced here at the top of this very post, showing the courageous D-Day servicemen about to do battle, and linked it to Harry Leslie Smith’s attack on the government’s reform of the NHS. The Forum immediately deleted the posts, and responded to agewait’s inquiry why they were doing this with the statement:

“D-Day and the NHS have nothing to do with each other. Whatsoever. Any photos trying to link today’s political issues with D-Day are offensive and will be deleted immediately.”

Agewait himself gave his account of what happened in a comment to Mike’s article:

Thank you for highlighting this issue. I am the creator and apparent…

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