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Labour are and always have been democratic and inclusive, they won’t pander to the anti-immigration rhetoric and racism of the right. Quite properly so. Miliband is right to address  the issue of exploitative employers, and promote the rights of all  workers, that is what equality means.
Human rights apply to everyone, including migrants, otherwise there’s no point in having them. Labour’s equality act and human rights act apply to all, and not just disgruntled blue collar workers. 
Farage is readily comparable with Mosely, he also tried to entice the working class, and those blue collar defectors who don’t feel solidarity with anyone except their “own kind” need to ask themselves how a fascist party would better reflect their interests, because fascists aren’t just fascists when it comes to your preferred target group – in this case migrants – fascists are fascists full stop. And most migrants are working…

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