One may hope the author of this piece is pleased that Mr Miliband is taking a stand for democracy and wants to do whatever is necessary to ensure that people like terainahird don’t become so disenchanted with it that they choose not to vote.


I joined The Labour Party just over a year ago. I joined because I saw Labour as the only viable alternative government to the present Tory led shambles. As an ‘average woman in the street’ and a lifelong Tory voter (I was brought up as a working class Tory) I was sickened by the way this present government is treating the less well off, the sick and disabled and the unemployed. I’m incensed by the totally unnecessary welfare and benefit cuts and so called reforms, the bedroom tax, Workfare, the rise of food banks and a whole host of measures aimed at the less fortunate members of society. There’s no doubt about it, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Four years after being elected the Tories are still blaming the last Labour government for the world recession. Shame on them.

However, as I stated in…

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