Here’s the full text of Ed Miliband’s speech, so you can read what he said about the crisis of democracy in context.

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Click here for Ed Miliband’s full response to today’s Queen’s Speech, in glorious technicolour.
For those who prefer reading, here is the full text:
“This Friday we will mark seventy years since the Normandy Landings, where wave upon wave of allied forces poured onto the beaches of Northern France.
It marked the beginning of the final chapter of the Second World War which preserved the freedoms we enjoy today.
So I want to start by honouring the service of those veterans and the memory of their fallen comrades.
A feeling I’m sure shared across the whole House.
And I am sure across the House today we will also want to remember and pay tribute to the work of our armed forces over the last decade in Afghanistan.
At the end of this year, British combat operations will come to an end.
We should be incredibly…

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