If Bulgaria can come up with a useful and meaningful housing policy – despite the obvious poverty of that nation – what is wrong with the people currently in charge of the world’s sixth largest economy?
That’s a rhetorical question but it seems clear that everybody in the Coalition from David Cameron downwards is suffering from a mental illness and needs to be taken out of Parliament for treatment – based on this policy alone.

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Last week I blogged on the several contemporary issues, which were similar to those tackled by the Bulgarian peasants’ party, BANU, nearly a hundred years ago. These were a local village power company, which was run as a co-operative by the whole community. It was thus similar to the idea of the Utopian British Socialist, Thomas Spence, for the communal ownership of land by the individual parishes, and also to the idea of the Bulgarian peasants’ party for the transformation of Bulgarian agricultural society through the formation of peasant cooperatives. I also remarked on the way the Bulgarians had also set up a policy of allowing the banks to provide loans on reasonable rates to credit cooperatives as a way of driving out the moneylenders. This is a problem that now besets British society, through the return of loan sharks and payday loan companies, like Wonga, that offer extortionate rates…

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