Well done, Tom Pride, for finding this story and bringing it to a wider audience. I hope everybody who sees this article shares it.
And remember, if you were thinking of voting for these so-called Conservatives: They don’t target benefit scroungers – they target seriously ill babies.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Ben and Emma Godsland both worked – until their severely disabled daughter Poppy was born and needed round the clock care.

Poppy’s mother Emma gave up her job to look after Poppy – who needs specialist equipment and care or she will die.

But Poppy’s parents are going to lose their home because the DWP has decided to withdraw their social security payments which helped them to continue looking after Poppy.

Here’s the full story from the Cheltenham Echo:

Parents with seriously ill baby could lose their Cheltenham home as Disability Living Allowance is withdrawn

This government isn’t targeting so-called benefits scroungers.

It’s targeting severely ill babies.


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