The only part of this article that worries me is the recommendation that Labour must redefine the terms for private healthcare providers’ involvement in the NHS.
Never mind redefining it! Throw them right out!

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The Labour Party have pledged to repeal the Tory Health Act 2012, and have ensured that their alternative policy proposals are costed, fully justified and evidenced.
A review was set up by Debbie Abrahams, who is the parliamentary private secretary to shadow health secretary Andy Burnham and also chairs the Parliamentary Labour Party’s health committee. The work, which compared international health systems, will be used as platform for Labour to further develop its health policy in the run up to next year’s general election.
Ms Abrahams, a public health expert and former chair of NHS organisations has said  that the inquiry provided compelling and “concrete evidence” that the Health Act 2012 needed to be repealed. The final report, called An Inquiry Into The Effectiveness Of International Health Systems, concluded that competition can “impede quality, including increasing hospitalisation rates and mortality”.
It says Labour must redefine “the terms for private healthcare providers’ involvement in…

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