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Yesterday I reblogged Mike’s piece ‘Dire Day for the Tories – So Why Were the Pundits Hammering Labour?’ commenting on the way Dimblebore and the other election commenters were presenting the elections as if Labour had suffered massive losses when in fact it was the reverse. In fact the Conservative media have form for this. It doesn’t matter if they get absolutely hammered, so long as Labour loses to another party.

Years ago, when I was still at school, Labour lost an election in Scotland to, I believe, the SNP. This is now pretty common, but it was remarkable thirty or so years ago when Mrs Thatcher was still the occupant of No. 10. The right-wing press, such as the Mail and Express, seized on this as a massive Labour defeat. You could have been forgiven, looking at the headlines, that this was something for the Tories to celebrate…

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