HS2 Project:
MPA say “Delivery in doubt”
Dept. for Transport says “in excellent shape”
– can both statements be correct?




Yesterday the Major Projects Authority (MPA) in the UK Cabinet Office published its Annual Report, together with its assessment of 199 major Government projects. It was published on the morning that Local Authority election results were dominating the news (and in advance of the Bank Holiday weekend).

7 facts missed that have been overlooked by the main stream media as a result:

1. The £42bn High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) Project is simultaneously on track and derailed

The HS2 project is assessed by the MPA as ‘Amber/Red’ status. This means that “successful delivery is in doubt” and that “urgent action needed to assess whether it is feasible”…but DfT in a commentary in the appendix say “HS2 is in excellent shape” – contradictory statements?

2. There are still many lumbering Government mega-projects

24% of major projects to complete…

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