Just to clarify: Mr Abberton did not make rude remarks about UKIP. He fact-checked a meme that had been on the social media for several months and posted his findings. That’s all, but it was enough for a UKIP supporter (I believe it was a councillor representing that party) to contact the police. The impression provided is that he did not want facts about UKIP policies or those suggested by its members to get into the public domain.

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Cambridge News Victims of crime in Cambridge might have been surprised to read that two officers from the Cambridgeshire police force recently visited a person who had not committed any crime, at the behest of a political party who did not like what he had tweeted, and asked him to remove his tweet.  Happily, the tweeter in question ( @MichaelAbberton ) was concerned enough to contact the media, outrage has ensued and Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire has accepted that police attendance was not required. 

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