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The Angry Yorkshireman over at Another Angry Voice is another victim of UKIP’s attempt to censor the satirical image of their logo showing all the appalling Right-wing policies they really don’t want anyone to know about, in case it stops them voting for them. Mike, over at Vox Political, has covered the way the image’s creator, a Green party activist, was visited by two policemen after his local UKIP candidate got annoyed and complained about infringement of copyright. The Angry Yorkshireman has suffered the same harassment. He was using the image on Facebook, and removed it himself in his first and only act of self-censorship after receiving ‘legalistic threats’ from a UKIP candidate. He states that he has not had any similar threat of legal action or by any of the three mainstream parties after he used their images to criticise them. He states

Even though it is absolutely clear…

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