Having finally got around to watching last week’s (Thursday, 8th May) recording of Question Time, I noticed that there were only politicians on the panel this week, unlike most weeks when a political commentator or satirist, perhaps a media mogul or diva (for want of a better expression); maybe because of the forthcoming elections, local and European. Still, that shouldn’t dictate only politicians should appear; all the more reason for political commentators to be there, I’d have thought.

I also noticed that there were no left-leaning politicians among the crew, Chuka Umunna being the closest; though as a Blairite (read Thatcherite) he is hardly left wing, Shirley Williams who might be described as left wing, except she abandoned the Labour Party and left it for the Blairites, Nigel Farage and Michael Green Grant Shaaps.

With this mix, of course the BBC maintained the political distance; perhaps that is their idea…

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