John D Turner thinks UKIP should be focusing on the local elections this month. We’ve seen how that’s going in Weymouth (not very well) – should they be trying harder?

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UKIP may well top the poll in terms of vote share in the Euro Elections on Thursday 22nd May, but to what end?  UKIPers seriously do think that coming first in an election to an institution, which UKIP says is pointless, counts as a political earthquake.

If, however, UKIP were serious about winning seats in the only Parliament that counts, when it comes to enacting legislation to put an In/Out Referendum to the UK electorate, then it would surely focus time, resources and money on winning elections within the UK that would help it gain seats at Westminster.  Therefore, the results that really count for UKIP on May 22nd are not the Euro ones, but the parochial local authority contests taking place across England and in Northern Ireland.

As any party campaign strategist will tell you, local authority Councillors are the boots on the ground that you need to raise…

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