Is anyone surprised? This government has a history of scrapping sources of useful information – ESA mortality statistics, anybody? – and now it has handed benefit calculation over to a commercial site that pushes readers to take out private health insurance – and cuts them off if they won’t pay after two visits. It’s all part of the plan to push us onto private health and welfare, of course.

the void

entitled-to-ss Claimants keen to found out how much better off they would be by taking a job can no longer do so on a government website after the popular Benefit Calculator was quietly disappeared.

Instead claimants are being referred to the privately run entitledto website, where they will be subject to gaudy randomised adverts inviting them to take out private health insurance amongst other things.

Of even more concern is that claimants wanting to know how much benefit they will receive if they take up a job are restricted on the site to only carrying out two searches.  If they want to do anymore they have to pay (see below).

What entitledto have done for this free advert on a busy government website is unclear.  It will certainly generate them a tidy sum in google advertising revenue.  Entitledto is run by a former DWP economist Dr Phil Agulnik.  How cosy.

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