So astrology tells us all the Coalition’s plans will fall to dust and be forgotten. That’s good news. May we hope this extends to the futures of those who are most responsible for its predations, as well?

Pride's Purge

(not satire – I think!)

OK – I have to admit I’ve never really believed in astrology.

Nevertheless, I recently came across this extraordinarily correct prediction of Cameron’s premiership made exactly the day after he became PM in May 2010:

Is Prime Minister David Cameron doomed to failure?

It seems astrologers were predicting both the direction and the ultimate failure of Cameron’s period as PM as soon as it had started.

This is because at the exact time that Cameron’s premiership began on the 11th of May 2010, there was what astrologers call a Void-Of-Course Moon – which was waning.

This is considered by astrologers to be more than disastrous.

Here’s what Julius Firmicus Maternus, a 4th-century Roman astrologer had to say about projects started at a time of a Void-Of-Course Moon:

…… it will make degraded paupers, and those who are destitute of all things that are necessary, and those for whom…

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