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This is from Bristol Anarchist Federation’s website. It’s a list of all the companies using workfare in Bristol: I’m putting it up just in case anyone wants to exercise their democratic right to protest against the companies exploiting the poor and jobless for their own profit. Again, if you, please be polite and don’t make threats. It’s the system we want to change, not terrorise the innocent. And it will probably by some poor innocent wage slave, who has to deal with abusive phone calls or customers, rather than the managers who greedily accepted the government’s contract.

Or you could simply exercise the personal choice Maggie Thatcher used to bang on about so much, and take your custom elsewhere. It’s been done before. In the late 18th and early 19th century the Anti-Saccherist League was formed by anti-slavery activists to hit slavers and planters where it would hurt the…

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