If you think I’m reblogging this just because it says nice things about a commenter on MY blog, then read the comment from Jess at the end. It expands on the comment and clarifies that what’s been said in the Mail and the mainstream media is based on a garbled misquotation – and only the social media have challenged it.
The good news is that nobody – at all – seems to have been fooled and donations to the Trussell Trust were up to £35,000+ by 11.30pm yesterday, according to a meme I just shared on Facebook.

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Jess, one of the commenters on this blog has posted a detailed critique of the economic law behind the Tories’ refusal to admit that the rise in food banks is due to a massive increase in poverty. The Tories cannot admit that there is mass starvation in this country due to their austerity campaign. They therefore claim instead that food banks are increasing simply because there are more food banks, and their mere existence attracts more customers.

In her comment to Mike’s post on Vox Political, ‘Food bank blow is new low for the Mail on Sunday’, Jess attacks this assertion, and shows that it is based on Say’s Law, an economic doctrine that has now been comprehensively refuted in the form it has been adopted under Lord Freud to justify the attacks food banks. She states

“Another claim – that “volunteers revealed that increased awareness of food banks…

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