Pride's Purge


The Liberal Democrats have warned their Conservative Party coalition partners that they are planning to get tough with them before the next election by telling them to their faces that they’re really quite annoyed about something.

The tough words come as the Liberal Democrat leadership announced the party will mount a major attempt to distance itself from the Tories between now and the general election in May next year by getting really pretty miffed with them in public over a few things.

A Lib Dem spokesperson said the differentiation campaign will begin in May with a fit of pique, followed by a lot of sulking during the European elections campaign, and continue with a full on strop until September when the Lib Dems’ plan to express how jolly well miffed they are with the Tories in the run up to next year’s general election.

Tensions between the two coalition partners have been rising steadily since just before Christmas, when it is reported…

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