I’m reblogging this because I know many Vox Political readers live with health conditions, including mental health issues. Hopefully you follow social media sites that may deserve this award (VP doesn’t – it’s a political blog and while we touch on political issues to do with mental health, nothing here would merit this kind of award) and will be moved to nominate the site of your choice.

Unsafe Spaces

Today the categories were announced for the Mind Media Awards, and you can nominate your favourite mental health voices to win.

Although most nominations cost £165 per nomination, there is no charge to nominate for the journalist, student journalist or blogger categories.

The blogger category seems to be replacing what was previously known as the Mark Hanson Award for Digital Media. In many ways I think that’s a shame, because there’s a lot of good stuff being done on other forms of social media (e.g. vlogs, Twitter) to talk about mental health. Then again, the winners from the last three years have all been blogs. In 2011, it was won by Confessions of a Serial Insomniac for her account of recovery from child sexual abuse and borderline personality disorder. In 2012 Mental Health Cop received the award for his detailed analyses of the intersection between policing and mental health. Purple…

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