“Unspeakable” is about as far as the description of Charlotte Leslie needed to go.

Pride's Purge


Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie admits ‘full responsibility for not covering up administrative mistakes’ that meant she did not manage to hush up donations to her local party.

A Conservative MP has apologised to the House of Commons for getting caught declaring donations to her local party that were relevant to interventions she made about the Severn Barrage project.

Charlotte Leslie, who represents Bristol North West, told MPs she was “unspeakably sorry” for not sweeping the declarations under the carpet in a timely manner.

Ms Leslie admitted to not covering up donations from David Ord Ltd  – joint owner of Bristol Port, an opponent of the Barrage project – which made a cash donation of £5,000 to Bristol North West Conservative Association in March 2009, First Corporate Shipping Ltd which donated £2,000 in September 2012 and David Ord Ltd which made a further donation of £10,000 in June 2013.

Fellow MPs branded…

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