Here’s a look back at the secular side of the Big Society.

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This is also from Private Eye for the 20th April – 3rd May 2012, and covers David Cameron’s attempts to set up an investment fund for his Big Society projects.

Big Society

Capital Idea?

Funds might be hard to come by, but there was no shortage of self-congratulation at the launch of Big Society Capital, the big idea for getting private money into good causes.

Speaking at the Stock Exchange launch, David Cameron boasted that his predecessors had talked about social investment but “this government is actually delivering it, within two years – Big Society Capital with £600m of funds to invest”.

The idea is that the money, £400m from unclaimed bank accounts and £200m invested by the big banks, will attract further private investment too. This will be handed to fund managers (imposing a further layer of costs) who will then invest in “social enterprises” that do good works…

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